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Little Easter eggs
Little Easter eggs
Little Easter eggs
Little Easter eggs

Little Easter eggs


Limited quantity

The bag contains two of each of these kinds (4 in total):

  • Chocolate egg with oat"milk"(Guatemala), haskap and yarrow puree center
  • Chocolate egg with buckwheat"milk"(Dominican Republic), center of mashed red fruits and sumac

Consume within 4 weeks of receipt. Keep cool, then leave at room temperature for about 1 hour before tasting for a better taste.

Ingredients :cocoa bean*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, oat flour*, buckwheat flour*, corn syrup, fruit puree (haskap, strawberry, raspberry, morello cherry, apple), yarrow, sumac , sweet clover, food coloring.
*organic ingredients

Packaging:Compostable cellulose bag and cardboard label made and printed in Montreal

Allergies:This product may have been in contact with gluten and/or soy, or contain traces of gluten and/or soy.

fève de cacao*, sucre de canne*, beurre de cacao*, farine d'avoine*, farine de sarrasin*, sirop de maïs, purée de fruits (camerise, pomme), achillée millefeuille, huile de noix de coco*, mélilot, colorant alimentaire.
*ingrédients biologiques

Peut contenir des traces de soya

Sac compostable en cellulose et étiquette en carton fabriquée et imprimée à Montréal

48 grammes